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Wedding trend : winding table snakes

I don’t really know if I’d call this a trend as such, and table snakes are just my name for this wedding table arrangement, but I’m starting to see it crop up more and more in wedding world…

It’s actually a really practical alternative to straight long tables as you can fit more people in a smaller space by arranging the tables in winding curves.

And I also like the cosiness of it. Rather than one long table where you can only see the people across and next to you, this arrangement allows you to see much more of the wedding party. For big events with a lot of people to sit it’s a bloomin’ good choice!

Wedding Trend - Winding Table Snakes

Awesome image credit: Delbarr Moradi via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Trend - Winding Table Snakes

Awesome image credit: Louisa Bailey Weddings

Wedding Trend - Winding Table Snakes

Awesome image credit: Gia Canali via Style Me Pretty

The last photo, especially, shows how winding tables can be a great way to make the most out of a tricky reception venue!


Wedding inspiration : DIY dye dipped dress

A little while back I featured an inspiration board on a trend that seems to have gained some momentum in wedding world: the dipped trend…


Awesome images courtesy of (from top to bottom & left to right):

  1. Martha Stewart,
  2. The Proper Pinwheel,
  3. Via Pinterest,
  4. House & Home,
  5. Anthropologie,
  6. Swoon,
  7. Better Homes and Gardens,
  8. Goncalo Claro

Do it yourself-able

I’m a little in love with this trend as it lends itself to so many DIY projects. And one of those projects could even be the dress!

The very reason I’m sharing this inspiration board again is because I came across an incredible wedding captured by Lacie Hansen on Style Me Pretty, featuring this dress…

Wedding Inspiration dipped dress

The dress is apparently a 
Junko Yoshioka creation and although it appears to be a rare find it did get me thinking of how you could buy a cheap simple dress off eBay and dip dye it to make a totally unique, stand-out piece.

Here’s a tutorial I found to do just that. What do you think? Too risky? Or well worth a try with a dress that doesn’t break the bank?


Fairytale wedding inspiration with a twist

If I say “fairytale wedding inspiration” to you what springs to mind?

For me “fairytale” creates a vision of massive dresses, a lot of pink and crystals on everything… a far cry from what would suit me on wedding day; the princess thing is most definitely not me!

Today I realised that “fairytale” can conjure up a whole other type of look. This incredible wedding inspiration styled by Create the Moment hasn’t focused on the princess in the classic fairytale of Sleeping Beauty but instead the baddie!

And it turns out that a Maleficent-inspired wedding looks incredibly awesome!

Maleficent Married Fairytale Wedding Inspiration

Awesome video & images: BG Productions via The Frosted Petticoat

Perhaps a fairytale wedding could be for me after all ;)


Kelton & Cole : Framed wedding decor details

I’m a fan of recycling. As well as it being good for the environment it can also look pretty darn awesome! Such as the use of door and window frames in weddings. It’s a trend that’s been appearing for a while now but when I saw Kelton & Cole’s wedding I had to share some shots, to show you just how creative you can get with frames.

They’ve used window frames hanging from rafters to display flowers on and hang candles from, and it looks amazing! An old door becomes a chalkboard for wedding details, escort cards are strung within a frame and even the table numbers are framed.

It’s fantastic how they have a consistent theme running through the wedding that has been explored in numerous ways. I’m a fan!

Framed wedding decor details : Kelton and Cole-by Sassyfras Studios

Awesome images: Sassyfras Studios via Ruffled

For lots more shots of this wedding just do that magical internet thing of clicking here :D


Bridal Style : Junko Yoshioka Spring/Summer 2014

Born in Japan and now living in New York, Junko Yoshioka studied fashion in Japan’s top design school, Modo Gakuen, where she won the prestgious award for “Best Wedding Gown”. It’s not hard to see how. Her dresses are divine.

I think it’s their simplicity in style that makes them so stunning to me; I imagine they’d suit most brides and weddings…

Junko Yoshioka Spring Summer Bridal Collection 2014
Junko Yoshioka Spring Summer Bridal Collection 2014
Junko Yoshioka Spring Summer Bridal Collection 2014
Junko Yoshioka Spring Summer Bridal Collection 2014
Junko Yoshioka Spring Summer Bridal Collection 2014
Junko Yoshioka Spring Summer Bridal Collection 2014
Junko Yoshioka Spring Summer Bridal Collection 2014

Awesome images courtesy of 
Junko Yoshioka

The last one’s my favourite :)


Junko Yoshioka website

Contact Junko Yoshioka

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