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Daisy Fresh wedding inspiration

Daisy fresh inspiration with Zalando

Awesome image sources:


Bridal Style : Les Trois Soeurs

As the name suggests (in French), Les Trois Souers is a bridal boutique set up by three sisters in the heart of London Docklands. They stock a variety of amazing designers as you will see in this mini round-up…


By Sarah Janks

Les Trois Souers Sarah Janks Amanda Wakeley

By Sarah Janks (left) & Amanda Wakeley (right)


By Amanda Wakeley


By Matthew Williamson

As always there are many more beautiful gowns to be found over on their website… so off you go :)


Vendor Details:
Les Trois Souers website
Contact Les Trois Souers

Phone: +44 20 7987 2177

Bridal style : Anaessia

Last week I discovered bridal gowns that have gone straight on my list of potentials for ‘the one’. Like my other love J’Aton Couture, Anaessia is also Australian based.

Bridal Style Anaessia

The creations of designer Anaessia Sydney, these gowns are divine. They’re on the pricier side with current dresses in the store being priced at between £1200 – £3200, and couture gowns ‘coming soon’ starting at around £3300. Even if this is out of your price range I think we can all admire a pretty dress and dream once in a while right?

Bridal Style Anaessia
Bridal Style Anaessia
Bridal Style Anaessia
Bridal Style Anaessia
Bridal Style Anaessia

I am so in love! And this is just a tiny selection of Anaessia’s gorgeous gowns. Head over to the website to see more, or watch this video…

ANAESSIA ” Private Runway Dream” from ANAESSIA on Vimeo.


2013 Wedding Trends

I’m back! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas; I definitely did! But today I’ve waved my brother off, packed away all the Christmas decorations and just about recovered from a lovely long dose of flu… so it’s back to blogging! And to kick start 2013 I thought I’d mention five of my favourite predicted wedding trends for the year.

Now I do believe that having a wedding ‘trend’ is an odd concept, mainly because I believe weddings should simply be a reflection of the couple. But there’s nothing wrong with a little inspiration, and hey if you like one of the trends then that’s enough for you to use it in your wedding! I personally believe the running trend from year to year should be ‘doing your wedding your way’ ;)

1. Gorgeous greens

Emerald has been named Pantone’s colour of the year, but for brides looking for something a little more subtle, mint may well be a big hit. With sparkle and glamour also being tipped to trend in 2013, this board I created a while back could provide some inspiration…


2. Camping

If you’ve been reading this blog a while then you’ll know I’m a big fan of camping. Whenever I see a wedding that’s in a woodland setting, or has tents and teepees, it makes me want to get married immediately! This IS the dream for me. I love the cosiness, the rustic charm, the relaxed nature of it all…


Awesome images courtesy of Heidi Lynn Photography via Ruffled

Glamping could be one of the big hen do ideas for 2013 too. Also awesome!


Awesome images courtesy of Glamping Holiday

3. Beer & fast food

I love the idea of the food and drinks at weddings getting more relaxed. I’ve never been one for fuss or fancy and a lot of us prefer these simpler foods anyway (we just get carried away come wedding day!) Why we feel the need to have a sit down three course meal if our favourite food is pizza is beyond me. If you love pizza, have pizza! Or burgers, or beer…


Awesome images: Via Kelsey Hinton and Maggie Harkov Photography via 100 Layer Cake

4. Text

I’m a sucker for sexy stationery design and neon lights so the growing trend to incorporate text in your big day is one I say ‘YES!’ to…


Awesome images: via Once Wed, Tiffany Hughes Photography via Southern Weddings and Our Labor of Love via Snippet & Ink

5. Patterns & print

Patterns and prints on dresses, tablecloths, altar backdrops… colour and creativity can shine through with this one so I’m loving it…


Awesome image via Pink Loves Chocolate

All you need is love

I love looking at wedding inspiration (I imagine that’s obvious otherwise why on earth would I have been blogging about weddings all this time!), but really if a wedding has two people in it, and they’re madly in love, then I’m a fan. Trends come and go and everyone has different taste… but provided you have a wedding that’s true to you, at that time in your life, it’ll be bloomin’ perfect. And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!


Bridal Style ♥ 20:06:11

Swoon-worthy bridal style from the world wide web…

Bridal Style 20.06.11

Bridal Style 20.06.11

Bridal Style 20.06.11

Bridal Style 20.06.11

Bridal Style 20.06.11

Awesome image credits from top to bottom:

  1. Alberta Ferretti via Sewmanstore
  2. Amanda Wakeley
  3. Boutwell Studio
  4. Guy Aroch via Fashion Gone Rouge
  5. Erin Fetherston via J’♥ Wildfox

I’m loving the first one for it’s more unusual bridal gown shape and the sexy silhouette of the second. That cute yellow bow is adorable in the 3rd; you could attach a bow like this to most bridal gowns I bet! Numbers 4 & 5 would make a perfect evening gown change too. What do you think? Can you see yourself walking down the aisle in one of these?


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