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Inspiration board : Botanical Beautiful

A wall of botanical illustrations to wed before or perhaps a gorgeous, overgrown greenhouse as your setting; beautiful floral prints for your bridesmaids, a ring that grows and terrariums for favours. Fresh ferns and florals and greenery everywhere. I want to go to this wedding…



Inspiration board : Seaglass & Sparkle

There’s definitely something magical about mint and a soaking of sparkle. Shades of green, glitter and glass combine to provide a perfect palette for a wedding at any time of the year. I can see this look suiting a fairytale forest setting or a winter wonderland equally. It’s versatile and so darn pretty, and because of that I’m putting seaglass & sparkle into the list of potential colour schemes for my own future wedding!



Inspiration Board: Peacock Hues

Although pale colours are lovely and romantic for a wedding, I’m also a big fan of weddings being bright! Hopefully this peacock inspired board gives an idea of how blues, greens and a sprinkling of peacock feathers could work spectacularly for your big day:

Inspiration Board: Peacock Hues

Awesome images courtesy of:

Peacock Hues

Here’s a few of my ideas to help you achieve a Peacock Hues wedding:

Stationery: Featuring a peacock would be perfect if you wanted to hint towards your theme for the day. Check out this beautiful design by Hello!Lucky, also available in a digital version.

Bride: A satin green or blue sash could be added to your dress to complement this theme or perhaps a peacock feather hair clip: Etsy left me spoilt for choice!

Bridesmaids: Emerald green or a brilliant blue or perhaps an in-between teal.

Shoes: Satin sandals in a shade of blue or green. If you’ve found the perfect plain shoes but want to make them more striking use a strong glue and stick a vintage brooch or feathers to shoe clips such as these and you have your very own unique pair!

Flowers: For the bride: something striking such as blue anemones with a green filler flower. I love the look of these! Bridesmaids could have the same but with white anemones as a contrast to their dresses. Or how about something entirely different and let them carry a gorgeous peacock clutch? A great way for them to carry their make-up, a great gift for them to keep after the big day and a great way to do something original!

Groom/groomsmen: A simple feathery boutonniere. Again there are plenty on Etsy or you could always have a go at making your own.

Decoration: Table-centres could include sprays of peacock feathers or simply use shades of blue and green. I love the use of coloured glass vases filled with flowers seen in the inspiration board. Napkins could be rolled with a peacock feather or place tags could be tied to feathers with twine. Or if you fancy something a little more fun, how about these place cards? I think, with peacocks being quite extravagant birds, gold could suit this theme really well. Perhaps try gold-rimmed glasses or gilded-edge crockery for your meal if you’re going with a more elaborate affair.

Cake: Again if you’re aiming for a super-fancy event a cake such as this or this awesome creation would look amazing. Though for a more casual do cupcakes in several shades of blues and greens topped with gold dragees would be perfect.

Favours: Chocolate truffles sprinkled with edible gold dust, popped in a clear-top box or bag and tied with thin emerald and blue ribbons. Or personalised chocolate bars with a peacock design. Perfect!

Other ideas: Finding a venue that has peacocks roaming the grounds would be the perfect touch to this wedding!


P.S. One thing I would say about a wedding like this is ‘less is more’. Don’t go crazy on the peacock feathers. If everything features peacock feathers it may end up looking a little messy. So perhaps just choose a few key elements for them to feature in and just focus on colours for everything else!

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