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Gorgeous garters

Apparently in the days of yore (or 14th century England) a bride’s dress was seen as good luck. After the wedding, and with the understanding that the bride wouldn’t be wearing the dress again, guests literally tore pieces off it! Clearly that would not be allowed to happen today. Can you imagine if the dress you’d dreamed of all your life, that you spent hundreds, perhaps thousands on was ripped off you at the end of the night?! I wonder if the brides were just left standing in their underwear because that really does not sounds like a nice end to the day.

Luckily tradition evolved and brides decided to throw their garter instead so they could keep the dress for themselves. This often caused problems with rowdy (probably drunk), male guests that tried to steal the garter off the bride. And so came about the groom removing the garter from his bride to throw into the throng of male guests, with luck supposedly bestowed on the man that caught it.

This tradition seems to be much more practiced in other countries than it is over here. I’ve seen a lot of images with the bride sat on a chair in the middle of the dancefloor and the groom with his head up her dress. Perhaps we’re a little more prudish over here (I do think that’s actually a popular stereotype of us Brits isn’t it?) But I just think there’s being prudish and then there’s just wanting to avoid any excruciating embarrassment. The thought of my grandparents having to watch my husband remove my garter with his teeth = excruciating embarrassment. So I’d definitely not include the garter removal tradition.

However, I’m certainly not against the wearing of a garter tradition. But perhaps nobody would need to know I was wearing it (also not a fan of bride with foot on groom’s knee showing off gartered leg for photo). And perhaps, instead, the groom could remove it in private.

Previously, though, when I’ve imagined garters an image of hideous, cheap lace with a bright blue bow has sprung to mind.

And then I saw these:

Florrie Mitton garters

Awesome images courtesy of Florrie Mitton

These beautiful (and really rather sexy) garters are made by Claire, a fashion design graduate who, after spending 5 years as an underwear designer in the fashion industry, decided to focus solely on her own business. She trades under her great grandmother’s lovely name: Florrie Mitton, producing timeless pieces that I believe would make a lovely wedding heirloom.

No tacky lace in sight, gorgeous chiffon and tulle, beautiful beading and lovely muted duck egg ribbons for those in search of their ‘something blue’.


Vendor Details:
Florrie Mitton Etsy shop

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