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Save the date stop-motion style

Stop-motion films are such a unique way to announce your wedding. Creating one for a save the date will not only save paper and therefore help do your bit for the environment but it will also look bloomin’ good and let your guests know just how cool you actually are ;) They’re an interesting way to document your relationship too and I’ve seen some fab engagement sessions captured in this way.

Here are a few to inspire you…

Terryn and Jon Save the Date from Jon Button on Vimeo.

tori and austin from sarah yates on Vimeo.

And if you’re camera shy you don’t even have to be in it…

Wedding Save the Date! from Joe Fayer on Vimeo.

In case you’re inspired and have to try this yourself, here are a few links that I hope will help you do just that…

Have fun filming!


Vintage films

I hope all you chocolate lovers got lots of chocolate eggs yesterday! And if you did why not grab some now, put your feet up and enjoy a couple of wedding films by the talented Mark W Brown.

Mark combines the use of a vintage Super 8mm camera and a HD camera to capture beautiful wedding videos that are actually a joy to watch. From what I’ve seen a lot of wedding films coming out of Britain are rather tacky and feature terrible tunes! Well not these ones. The vintage film camera has a soft, romantic appeal, the editing is perfect and the tunes are lovely…

from MW BROWN on Vimeo.

I also love that weird little Fiat 600 in the last film!

Now head on over to Mark’s blog as there are many more amazing films to watch :)


Videographer Details:
Mark W Brown website
Mark W Brown blog

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