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Coveted cake : foxy lemon & poppyseed chiffon sponge

A paper sign, cute foxes with speech bubbles, a naked cake drizzled with icing, fresh flowers, and a pretty ceramic stand… there’s a lot to love about this amazing wedding cake!


Awesome image: Illuminate Photography via The Pretty Blog


Wedding desert : Posh krispie cakes

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a stunning wedding with a three tiered krispie cake. Krispie cakes certainly aren’t what you think of when dreaming up fancy food for your wedding. But, if you love them and want them at your wedding why not give this idea a go…


Awesome images: Mirror Mirror

Topped with a swirl of mousse, chocolate shapes and glittered with gold dust makes these krispie cakes no longer just cakes for kids. For more details head to Mirror Mirror. Right, I have to stop looking at these now because I’m way too tempted to make, and then devour, a batch :/


Dessert idea : Jellymongers

I used to love jelly and ice cream as a child but I can’t remember the last time I ate it. As a dessert, jelly seems a little amateur. Definitely not the first thing I’d think to serve up at a wedding. But then I came across the book Jelly with Bompas and Parr and instantly my idea about jelly changed!

Sam Bompas & Harry Parr are two young men that have turned jelly into art. The business has grown since 2007 from just the two of them into a team of cooks, specialised technicians, architects, graphic designers, and administrators and they have expanded their culinary creations into areas other than jelly. Their projectsare inspiring and well worth a look.

But it’s the jelly that I’m here to show you, because I believe jelly, the Bompas & Parr way, would be a welcome addition to a wedding…


Amazing right?!

Does it make you want to serve jelly at your own wedding?


Vendor Details:
Bompas & Parr website
Contact Bompas & Parr

Snow White Sweet Table

Some of you may remember a post back in September about The European Sweet Table Contest 2010. I love sweet tables and so decided to make my own and enter. As a sweet table takes quite a bit of work I made it for my birthday and invited relatives round to help me eat it!


Thinking of a theme

I wanted to give the table a theme rather than just a colour and my love of fairytales led to Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. The intro to the story talks of the queen wanting a child that was ‘as fair as snow, as rosy as the red blood and with hairs and eyes as black as ebony’ so that decided my colours for me: red, black and white. Other elements of the story are the wicked stepmother asking a huntsman to bring back Snow White’s heart, he instead bought back a deer’s heart. This led to deer cake toppers that I sprayed red, heart biscuits and I also cross-stitched a heart, then covered a button with it, for the bow around the cake.

Of course it wouldn’t be right without the seven dwarves so I made some! Technically I guess they are gnomes as I used a gnome mould and plaster of paris but they look like dwarves! I also created ‘mountains’ of cranberry nougat; the cranberries being the jewels for them to mine.

Finally is the poisoned apple that the stepmother gives to Snow White, to represent this I made red candied apples using sticks from my apple tree in the back garden and also had one as the cake topper.

Beautifying the backdrop!

For the backdrop I wanted a rustic feel and the woodland wallpaper was perfect; I blu-tacked it to my living room for the purpose of the shoot. The finishing touch… the famous mirror! I did Photoshop out the reflection because me with a camera kind of ruined the look but it is a real mirror bought from eBay that I sprayed black. The table was also an eBay find exchanged for a couple of bags of sweets for the owner’s children! I also sprayed it black. Ideally it would have been a more ornate, vintage, black table with peeling paint but I just didn’t have the funds.

It was quite a bit of work but I enjoyed pulling in all the different elements and seeing the table come together. And it was worth it… I won!


Dessert table details

Red velvet cake and cupcakes with cheesecake frosting.

Candied apples with whittled sticks from the garden.

Heart biscuits: these were from a recipe book. Any plain biscuit recipe would work. Roll out the dough and cut 2 hearts per biscuit and then a smaller heart out of one of the hearts. When baked, spread jam on the complete heart and dust the hearts with heart-shaped-holes with icing sugar and plop on top of the jam ones!

Nougat with cranberries and macadamia nuts. I didn’t dip the nougat in chocolate however and rather than let it set completely I mounded it into a ‘mountain’ shape around a paper cone.

The book pages were created using an old-fashioned font and a beautiful illustration I found here. I just brightened it up a touch before printing it out.

Thank you!

Many thanks to the lovely judges Lindsey, Jenn, Kim, Courtney & Kate who voted for me, to Laure of Sweet Girly Mommy for putting on the competition, Love ‘n Gift for the generous prize and a huge congratulations to the other sweet table makers, I had some tough competition! Please do check them out here, they’re lovely!


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