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Once upon a time…

…just over 6 years ago, I started this wedding blog and since then have shared 964 posts about weddings! You may have noticed, however, that the posts have become far less frequent over the last year and now I’m married I think it’s the right time to move on.

It’s been fun and I’ve met some amazing people – I wouldn’t have met my own wedding photographer and friend Taylor if it wasn’t for this blog, and that reason alone makes it all worth it! The amazing photos she took for us are now 
featured on Green Wedding Shoes if you’d like to have a look.

Next up for me is focusing on my business 
of Alp & Ash and renovating a house which I will actually be launching a new blog on soon called 
A Northern Nest. So the blogging hasn’t stopped entirely, it’s just changing course, like life does.

Thanks to everybody that read this blog, and everybody that shared their wedding or work with Belle Amour. And most importantly thank you to my husband Anthony, because of him I got to have the wedding of my dreams…

Anthony & Debbie
Anthony & Debbie

… so I guess all that’s left is for us to go and live happily ever after.


Anthony & Debbie

Our awesome wedding suppliers:
Taylor Roades
Llyn Gwynant Barns, Wales
Florals: Petals
Jack Sullivan
Dress retailer: 
Emma Hartley
Bridesmaid dresses: Mimetik
Shoes: Agnes & Norman
Garter: The Wedding Garter Co.
Catering: Amber’s Woodfired Kitchen
Confetti: Shropshire Petals

My very own wedding: The Wedding Garter Co.

One of the first ever posts I wrote on this blog was about garters and the tradition behind them. Five years later I wore one myself on my wedding day. I didn’t do a garter toss, my feelings haven’t changed on that particular tradition, but wearing a garter did feel like a lovely additional step in preparing for the big day. Here are a couple of photos of the beautifully elegant garter I was gifted by The Wedding Garter Co.

Florence garter from The Wedding Garter Co.
Florence garter from The Wedding Garter Co.

All awesome wedding images are courtesy of Taylor Roades Photography

To see Florence and other gorgeous garters head over to The Wedding Garter Co.


Vendor Details:
The Wedding Garter Co.

The Venue : Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming

OK, so if you’re my friends and family reading this then I will start by warning you… that one day I may just be dragging you off to Brush Creek Ranch for my wedding ;)

Because it is amazing!

There are so many stunning spots to say your vows or hold your reception; I honestly don’t know how you’d choose. Maybe you couldn’t and you’d just have to hire out the entire 15,000 acres, although I’m thinking you may be looking at a price tag that’s greater than the amount of acres to do that!

Don’t think about that now, just daydream whilst looking at these…

Wedding venue inspiration Brush Creek Ranch

Awesome image credit: Mel Barlow via Green Wedding Shoes

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