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My very own wedding : the bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dress shopping was something I left until the last minute as there was a good chance two of my three bridesmaids could well be pregnant by the time we wed. And it’s lucky I did wait as, sure enough, they were! So when it finally came to bridesmaid dress shopping I had two criteria: dresses that would suit all my maids (bump or no bump), and the colour mustard.

Mustard is my favourite colour, I teamed it with teal and mint when designing all the details for our wedding, but when it came to bridesmaid dress shopping could I find a mustard dress? Nope! Me and my bridesmaid Becky trawled the entire Trafford Centre and couldn’t find anything. Perhaps it’s more of an autumn colour and we were looking in summer. Regardless, even if we had found a lovely mustard dress it’s doubtful it would have worked over pregnant bellies.

The Infinity Dress

The only solution I could think of was to go down the infinity dress route. I’m sure you’ll have seen these dresses, they’re the ones that have a skirt attached to two really long straps that you can tie a number of ways…

Infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Rumour has it that Donna Karan came up with the first infinity wrap dress, but with few people able to shell out hundreds of pounds, lots of people started making their own versions. And now there are numerous companies marketing these dresses to bridesmaids, due to it being an ideal way for every girl to wear the same dress but in a way that suits them and their body shape.

So now I knew the kind of dress to go for it was just a case of finding the right colour. I got on Etsy and after ordering some samples Mimetik was who I decided to order from.


Mimetik is owned by Mireia Solsona and is based in Barcelona (a plus for shipping times). She’s made well over a thousand sales on Etsy and has so many positive reviews which is always something I look for in an Etsy seller. Plus, all the dresses she’s made look gorgeous…

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

It’s always risky buying clothing from the internet but luckily it was a gamble that paid off. I ordered three dresses and tube tops to go underneath the dresses and they all looked amazing on my bridesmaids! They all wore them in a similar way with the only exception being the straps: Stacey wore hers as sleeves, Becky wore them as wide straps, and Verity twisted them to make them thinner. Here’s a look at just how lovely they were…

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

All awesome wedding images are courtesy of Taylor Roades Photography

I would definitely recommend infinity dresses, and Mimetik especially, to anybody looking for bridesmaid dresses to suit all their girls. There are loads of colours to choose from and they’re super flattering. I’ll have to tell you more about my dress at a later date :)


Vendor Details:

Awesome bridsmaids dresses from Mimetik

Bridal Style : Silvia Bours

Silvia Bours is a Mexican Fashion Designer that hand-makes stunning dresses. Perfect for the bride wanting to wear something a little less traditional for her big day, you’d certainly feel fancy sparkling down the aisle in one of these…

Bridal Style - Silvia Bours

Bridal Style - Silvia Bours

Bridal Style - Silvia Bours

Bridal Style - Silvia Bours

Bridal Style - Silvia Bours

If you’re thinking they’re a little too bold for a bridal look there’s always the option of donning one for the reception, putting your bridesmaids in them (if your budget allows that is!) or, why not just treat a mini maid to a flower girl dress that she will definitely feel like a princess in…

Bridal Style - Silvia Bours


Silvia Bours Website
Silvia Bours Facebook
Silvia Bours Instagram

Bridal Style : BHLDN Spring 2015 Collection

US-based BHLDN (pronounced beholden) just launched their new, insanely gorgeous, Spring Collection.

To really show off the stunning dresses, they shot the collection images in the picturesque city of San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico. The concept was “The Painted Garden” and the images are full of beautiful flowers and greenery, not to mention the lovely light and beautiful model donning the dresses…

BHLDN Spring 2015 Collection
BHLDN Spring 2015 Collection

Discover even more of the collection here.

UK Trunk Show

And some exciting news for all us UK brides…

For the first time, BHLDN is headed to the UK to bring brides-to-be its most popular assortment of wedding gowns by London-based designer Catherine Deane. Brides can make appointments for the BHLDN + Catherine Deane trunk show, and view the full assortment of gowns. There will also be a selection of veils by US designer, Debra Moreland, to complete brides’ wedding-day looks.

The show will be located at Anthropologie, 131-141 King’s Road, London and runs from February 19 – March 1, 2015, 10:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

For your chance to shop from BHLDN’s favourite assortment of Catherine Deane dresses in person, without the cost of international shipping, make sure you stop by!

If I hadn’t already decided what I’m wearing to my wedding, I’d definitely be going to try on that last dress!


Vendor Details:
BHLDN website
Photographer: Diego Uchitel
Flowers & prop styling: Daryl McGregor
Location: San Miguel de Allende
Hair: Thomas Dunkin
Make-up: Keiko Takagi
Model: Vlada Roslyakova

Angelina & Brad & the most amazing wedding dress

So not only have (probably) the most famous Hollywood couple finally married after nearly a decade of dating, but Angelina incorporated their children in the proceedings in the most wonderful way… by letting them scribble all over her wedding dress! Well, sort of. Their 6 children’s drawings were actually embroidered into the gorgeous gown.

The result is a lovely way to show that their marriage isn’t just about the two of them; it’s about their family…

Angelina and Brad Get Married

And I’m off to buy my copy of Hello! magazine now, because I want to see more :D


Bridal Style : Lihi Hod

It’s been three months since I drooled over dresses on these blog pages (I’ve still been doing it on Pinterest – can’t help myself), so I think we’re all in need of a bridal fashion fix.

Lihi Hod website is the designer to help us out. Whilst most of us may find ourselves at the job centre after graduating, Lihi was whisked from her home country of Tel Aviv to spend several months in John Galliano’s fashion house, Dior!

The 2014 collection is her third, and it’s exquisite!

Bridal Style - Lihi Hod

♥ Debs

Lihi Hod website
Contact Lihi Hod

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