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Carnival Letters : awesome wedding lighting

I LOVE lights! I’ve done plenty of posts about lighting in the past, which you’re more than welcome to check out here.

But today I just wanted to share an awesome seller with you…

Carnival Letters make amazing lights that would look awesome at the circus, in a carnival or, you guessed it, at your wedding!

With the choice of initials, an ampersand, a heart, full words or a simple arrow you could create an awesome backdrop to the vows, highlight an area such as where guests can get grub or point guests in the right direction to the party.

I want one/lots.

Carnival Letters Wedding Lighting

And if you love these but have committed to DIYing your big day, then you’ll be needing this post on Ruffled!


Carnival Letters

Lighting Love : parachute canopy

A vintage parachute, rented from the venue, forms a canopy for the reception, and softens the lights above. Beautiful!

Wedding lighting idea with a parachute canopy

Awesome image credit: 100 Days to Plan a Wedding via Ever So Lovely


Lighting Love : umbrella installation

Not only does this cool umbrella installation offer inspiration for some unusual wedding lighting, it could also form a canopy under which to huddle when it rains!

Oh how I’d love to say ‘if’… but this is England and it would appear that rain is our speciality ;)

Umbella light installation

Awesome installation: Konstantin Grcic via Design Boom


Lighting Love : swirls of candlelight

It’s been a while since I featured any of Jose Villa’s beautiful work. He was the first photographer I featured on this site and I still love looking at anything he’s captured.

Today it’s all about the lighting in Lindsay & Ryan’s stunning Tuscany wedding

Wedding lighting idea with swirls of candlelight

Awesome image credit: Jose Villa

… but you should definitely head over to Jose’s blog to see the rest; Lindsay’s Jenny Packham dress is a beauty!


Lighting Love : geometric lanterns

I’m loving the current wedding trend to incorporate geometric design into the details of your day.

I loved this colourful backdrop to the vows, I adored this glittered cake and I’m also a fan of these lovely lights…

Wedding lighting ideas with geometric lanterns

Awesome image credit: Elizabeth Messina via Emily Weddings

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