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My very own wedding: confetti from Shropshire Petals

I’m going to be completely honest and admit that confetti wasn’t high up the priority list for me when it came to purchasing bits and pieces for our wedding last September. So I am just really grateful that Shropshire Petals offered to send me some, as without it I would never have got the beautiful confetti pictures that are some of my favourites from the big day. I’m definitely a confetti convert now and believe it should be way up there on the priority list, particularly when it’s not a huge investment and is a really lovely way to involve your guests.

The venue we were marrying at, like so many these days, didn’t allow paper confetti so Shropshire Petals‘ offerings of biodegradable dried flower petals was perfect for us. I had no idea how beautifully packaged the confetti would be though until it arrived!

Confetti cones

I opted for ‘Sunshine Kisses’, a gorgeous mix of golden yellow marigold petals and white delphinium petals with 2 Shropshire Boxes to display the confetti in. A Shropshire box is a sturdy cream box that comes with 25 floral embossed paper cones and a card insert to sit the cones in. It all looks so special and the box is beautiful enough for all those wedding keepsakes after the big day too.

Biodegradable petal confetti from Shropshire Petals

After our ceremony all our guests congregated outside and we ran the confetti gauntlet whilst our wonderful photographer, Taylor Roades, snapped pictures…

Biodegradable petal confetti from Shropshire Petals
Biodegradable petal confetti from Shropshire Petals
Biodegradable petal confetti from Shropshire Petals
Biodegradable petal confetti from Shropshire Petals
Biodegradable petal confetti from Shropshire Petals
Biodegradable petal confetti from Shropshire Petals

All awesome wedding images are courtesy of Taylor Roades Photography

If you’re after confetti for your own wedding, I’d definitely recommend checking out Shropshire Petals; they have a range of flowers and colours available as well as wheat sheaves that make lovely, rustic centrepieces.


Vendor Details:
Shropshire Petals

Felt flowers from House For Pixies

I discovered these lovely felt flowers from House For Pixies when the creator, Lucy, bought a Helvellyn coaster from my new venture of Alp & Ash!

Lucy makes her gorgeous felt blooms in a range of colours and offers them in bouquets or as single stems. They’d be perfect for a bridal bouquet you can keep forever or as cute table centrepieces…

Felt Flowers from House For Pixies
Felt Flowers from House For Pixies
Felt Flowers from House For Pixies
Felt Flowers from House For Pixies

Weddings aside these would make a lovely gift for a birthday or a loved one. A single red rose would be a very romantic offering, with the added bonus that it will never wilt like regular flowers sadly do!

Felt Flowers from House For Pixies

I love them :D


House For Pixies

Fabric flower bouquets and buttonholes ‘by Alex’

by Alex is a small textiles company located in the countryside of Hertfordshire. Although Alex makes beautiful bags, cushions, aprons and other homewares, today I’m focusing on her 
wedding collection

Fabric Bouquets by Alex

As Alex says…

I got married in May 2012 and handmade all the finer details of my day, including bouquets, buttonholes, place names, bunting and favours. Although, at the time it was a lot of hard work, I was so pleased with the final results and this inspired me to design and launch my own wedding collection on my website. I always work with fabric, whether I am designing my own or collecting pieces from various fairs, trips and second hand finds, which is what makes my wedding pieces so special…

Wedding Day by Alex

Alex’s wedding captured by Emma Lucy Photography

My collection includes, bridal bouquets, bridesmaids posies, flowergirl single stems and posies, as well as mens buttonholes, bouquet tiles, name settings for the tables, personalised frames and other decorative pieces for the big day. All are handmade by myself out of fabrics combining on trend Spring/Summer 2014 colours of metallics, such as rose gold, gold and copper, sitting beautifully with and updating the pretty pastels colour palette…

Colour Options by Alex

For an alternative to the usual bouquet and for something you can keep forever after the big day, I love these gorgeous handmade creations 
by Alex.


By Alex – The Wedding Collection

Contact Alex

Beautiful book review : Decorate with Flowers

I recently received the stunning book Decorate with Flowers, published by Jacqui Small, to review…

“A gorgeous book for lovers of decorating, interiors, floral arranging, entertaining and handmade projects – Decorate With Flowers will encourage you to look at floral design through the eyes of interior stylists with a more casual, creative and fresh approach.”

“This unique collaboration between international bestselling interiors author and stylist Holly Becker of the award-winning design blog, decor8, and Leslie Shewring, product designer, photographer and stylist, offers advice on selecting, combining and arranging flowers to best complement your decor.”

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

Wedding day ideas

This book is primarily for inspiration to decorate your home, but if there’s one thing you’re bound to find at a wedding, it’s flowers!

From beautiful table centre displays, to chair backs that are so much prettier than seat covers, floral chandeliers and even inspiration that would work for that alternative altar, this book is sure to make you excited about the floral aspect of your wedding.

And aside from the wedding it really will give you plenty of ideas to add that finishing touch to your home decor in the prettiest way.

Delightful design

The book is delightful to digest too; the ideas are separated into 8 themes all styled and photographed wonderfully. There are cute handwritten fonts alongside gorgeous scrapbook-inspired layouts, and easy to understand step-by-step projects. Even the endpapers look lovely!

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

A DIY gold vase

Inspired by the book, and with items I had to hand, I even had a go at spraying a wine bottle gold and loved the results!

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

If you’re looking for floral inspiration for your home or big day, whether it be hand-picked blooms or a bunch from the local supermarket, this book will definitely leave you inspired. I love it!

Get a copy

To order Decorate with Flowers at the discounted price of £16.00 including p&p* (RRP: £20.00), telephone 01903 828503 or email mailorders@lbsltd.co.uk and quote the offer code APG109.


This is not a sponsored post however I did receive a book for review
*UK ONLY – Please add £2.50 if ordering from overseas.

Wedding DIY : Brooch bouquet

Brooch bouquets certainly aren’t a new thing in wedding world, I’ve posted about them before here and here, and there are numerous people selling them. But they’re still an ideal way to get some sparkle into a wedding and to give you a bouquet that lasts longer than just the big day.

I’m a firm believer that it’s the personal touches that make a wedding day; the stuff that speaks for you and your partner, the stuff that sets your wedding apart from others for whatever reason.

DIY touches are the perfect way to personalise your wedding. If you’ve made it yourself it’s going to more meaningful than if you’d bought it online.

And so when Corsage Creations contacted me to see if I wanted a go at making a brooch bouquet myself, I decided to accept the challenge, in case any of you out there want to make one yourself but have no clue where to start!

What you’ll need

Step-by-step photos

Here are images for each step. I’ll explain all below…

Wedding DIY Brooch Bouquet

How to assemble your brooch bouquet

  1. Assemble your armature by screwing the handle into the dome.
  2. Slide the provided foam over the handle.
  3. For brooches with pins (such as those from Corsage Creations) dab a little super glue on the screw part of each pin.
  4. Screw the pin into the brooch and leave to dry before using.
  5. Repeat for all the brooches!
  6. Position the brooches by pushing them through the armature into the foam. This can be fiddly and take time. Don’t worry if you have to reposition some to get the desired effect. And watch your hands – the pins can come through the foam if you’re not careful!
  7. For any brooches without a pin you can attach wire and wrap the wire round the armature.
  8. You should end up with a beautiful bouquet shape…
  9. … with a full, even coverage of brooches.
  10. To mask the gaps, push strips of organza, or similar material, into the holes with a pointed implement – I used a kebab skewer :)
  11. Next, secure the ends of the pins by wrapping wire around them and continue to wrap tightly down the handle – this will make it look less bulky.
  12. When at the end of your bouquet handle, pop a piece of ribbon over to hide the foam…
  13. … and continue wrapping back up the handle until it feels secure. Cut off the end of the wire.
  14. Fold strips of ribbon in half and hot glue them together, then glue them over the underside of the bouquet, hiding the pins and organza, overlapping as you go.
  15. Continue until the entire underside of the bouquet is covered.
  16. Now it’s time to cover that un-wedding-worthy handle. Hot glue another piece of ribbon to the handle and wrap around the length of the foam, overlapping as you go to ensure no parts of the foam and wire are exposed.
  17. When the entire handle is covered, trim the ribbon and glue it into place.
  18. I then added lace just to finish it off. But you could add burlap, a coloured ribbon of your choice, or simply leave it as it is.

Ta da!

And there you have it! A beautiful bouquet for your wedding that will last for ever, and that you can be super proud of because you made it yourself :D

If video tutorials are more your thing then Corsage Creations have a fantastic one right here.

As for cost, a kit such as this one will set you back £200. For those with a tighter budget, or if you’re after a more colourful bouquet, I’d recommend purchasing the armature and filler brooches from Corsage Creations to complement a job lot of brooches from elsewhere.

Finally, if you make one yourself, please share the results, I’d love to see :D

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