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Bridal Style : Ani Burech accessories

Finding the right hair accessory for my September wedding has been challenging, mainly because I don’t have a massive budget… or a massive head! My little peahead makes some accessories just look too darn big! I originally bought some beautiful felt flowers which I will have to do a blog post on at a later date, but they just didn’t look how I imagined them to. Instead I’ve gone for a vintage piece I found on Etsy which I will be sure to share after the big day.

If the budget had been that little bit bigger however, I would have headed straight over to the Ani Burech website and spent an age deciding exactly which stunning creation I’d be making mine!

This Spanish company offers hair accessories…

Ani Burech Hair Accessories

… and bridal belts…

Ani Burech Hair Belts

…and they’re ALL bloody gorgeous!

Ani Burech website
Ani Burech Facebook


Claire Pettibone Heirloom: Flower Crowns

With only a little over seven months to go until my own wedding (eek!), I’ve been looking into accessories for the big day. The venue doesn’t really suit a veil, and I’m not sure I do either; I tried one and felt a little like I was playing dress up!

I do want to wear something in my hair though, as it’d be nice to look a little different from every other day – although I imagine the white dress alone may do that!

I think flower crowns are more my style and rather than using fresh flowers I want to go down the handcrafted route as I’m such a massive fan of handmade items.

The flower crowns made by designer Lila for Claire Pettibone’s label Heirloom are an incredible example of a handcrafted flower crown. They’re a little (well, lot) beyond my budget, but you can clearly see the amount of work and skill that has gone into them…

Claire Pettibone Heirloom Floral Crowns

I can imagine them being stored carefully away in the attic after your wedding, waiting for the grandchildren to delight over their discovery one day.


Vintage bridal crowns and sparkling shoe clips

Apparently, all the stunning antique wedding crowns and corsages in the Polly McGeary Etsy shop are sourced by Aline from flea markets, friends and neighbours of my grandmother. Aline lives in Berlin and I want to move there if this is the kind of thing you can find in the local flea market! I’ve been to a few flea markets in my time and never have I seen anything that I would absolutely love to wear on my wedding day. I love them!

Polly McGeary VIntage Bridal Crowns
Polly McGeary Vintage Corsages
Polly McGeary VIntage Bridal Crowns

Amongst the pretty bridal crowns and corsages, Aline also stocks her shop with handmade bows and sparkling shoe clips like these…

Polly McGeary Shoe Clips

Head on over there, it’s lovely :)

♥ Debs

My wedding : the engagement ring

Although my fella proposed with a stone, he did also present me with a really sweet ‘stand-in’ ring (although to be honest I didn’t take much notice of it at first as I was completely engrossed in the stone and what it symbolised!)

The stand-in engagement ring has a little bee on it, which happens to be what my name symbolises. The idea was that I could pick a ring myself after the proposal.

Treasure hunt

Well, I’ve been searching since the proposal but haven’t found one yet which is a little unfortunate as I’m going dress shopping tomorrow and I’m a little nervous they’re going to think I’m a single, slightly-unhinged, lady that just wants to try on dresses!

When on holiday in Florence, Italy this summer we strolled along the Ponte Vecchio (a bridge lined with jewellery shops) and I pointed out emerald cut, pale aquamarine rings that looked like cut glass. I’d never had an idea of the type of engagement ring I’d like myself until that day, but I haven’t found anything similar since.

So, the search continues. But here’s a few, rather unique, finds from Etsy (where I’ve mostly been looking)…

And although these are wedding bands, rather than an engagement ring, how cute is this his ‘n’ hers set?!


Lost Forest: Bold & beautiful wedding jewellery

If you’re not one for wearing dainty jewellery and prefer bulkier bangles and bold statement pieces, then it can be hard to find something to wear on the wedding day. A lot of wedding jewellery is small and delicate, adorned with pearls or sparkly crystals.

Well, remember you can wear what the hell you like on your wedding day, so any jewellery goes! And I’m certain the jewellery from Lost Forest would look bloomin’ beautiful on your big day! It’s bold and beautiful, cast from resin, and features natural gems such as feathers, leaves and tiny flowers.

Lost Forest would be the perfect choice for a woodland/outdoors wedding or simply for any bride that wears bulkier pieces and doesn’t want to ditch them on the big day!

Lost Forest: Bold & beautiful wedding jewellery
Lost Forest: Bold & beautiful wedding jewellery

I personally love the bottom two in the last image as not only are they beautiful, they tick off the ‘something blue’ too!


P.S. Thanks to Taylor Roades for sharing Lost Forest with me :)

Lost Forest website

Lost Forest shop
Lost Forest blog
Contact Lost Forest

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