Wedding ideas : marshmallow ideas (that aren’t s’mores!)

Fluffy and squishy and sweet and delicious.

I’m taking about marshmallows, but the soppy romantics amongst you could easily get all confused and think I’m taking about love!

And because of that marshmallows could just be the perfect complement to your big day…

Marshmallow wedding ideas

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right):

Fluffy photos

And for those of you that love marshmallows but aren’t swept up in that ‘romantic nonsense’, here’s a really cool way to incorporate them into your wedding day: mallows printed with your own instagram photos!

Marshmallow wedding ideas from Boomf

From Boomf these would make such awesome favours!

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4 Responses to “Wedding ideas : marshmallow ideas (that aren’t s’mores!)”

  1. Alice says:

    I have never thought about the marshmallows this way. It’s a game changer! Fantastic.

  2. Todo realmente hermoso !!!

  3. Me encantó el detalle de la mantelería y los masmelos desde el techo.

  4. Precioso todo… me encanta!

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