Wedding inspiration : DIY dye dipped dress

A little while back I featured an inspiration board on a trend that seems to have gained some momentum in wedding world: the dipped trend…


Awesome images courtesy of (from top to bottom & left to right):

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  8. Goncalo Claro

Do it yourself-able

I’m a little in love with this trend as it lends itself to so many DIY projects. And one of those projects could even be the dress!

The very reason I’m sharing this inspiration board again is because I came across an incredible wedding captured by Lacie Hansen on Style Me Pretty, featuring this dress…

Wedding Inspiration dipped dress

The dress is apparently a 
Junko Yoshioka creation and although it appears to be a rare find it did get me thinking of how you could buy a cheap simple dress off eBay and dip dye it to make a totally unique, stand-out piece.

Here’s a tutorial I found to do just that. What do you think? Too risky? Or well worth a try with a dress that doesn’t break the bank?

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4 Responses to “Wedding inspiration : DIY dye dipped dress”

  1. That’s an amazing idea! If brides are a bit hesitant, this technique would be great for bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ dresses!

  2. Absolutely lovely. Risky? yes! worthwhile? totally. I’ve known many brides who found their dream dress shape on second hand shops but the dress looked worn out and boring…this is the perfect solution and the results are outstanding! This pink model is perfect for Asian brides that would like to wear a pink lengha for the religious ceremony! I’d probably ask a professional to do it for me though… :)

  3. Debs - Belle Amour says:

    Thanks for your comments! Great ideas :D

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