DIY tutorial: maypole wedding cake topper

Last year, I put together an inspirational wedding shoot that the awesome Anna kindly photographed for me. Usually when you see inspirational wedding shoots there’s a long list of suppliers that comes at the end. I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to make everything myself to show that you really can DIY your big day. I’m going to feature a few of the DIY tutorials for you before showing you the shoot itself. Hope you like it!

Heart topper

The first tutorial is for a cute cake topper. I took inspiration for it from maypoles and the ribbons they have flowing from them. I thought it would be sweet to have a mini maypole in the centre of a cake and ribbons draping over the cake. The great thing about this topper is that it’s very easy to choose more, or less, ribbons and to change up the ribbons to suit your wedding colours…

What you will need

  • Wooden heart. I found mine in a local shop, the sort that sells trinkets that we don’t need but we want anyway because they make our houses look pretty :) Here are a couple of similar hearts I found that could be used, from Meluna & Scavenger Supplies. You just need to ensure the heart is thicker than a lolly stick with a couple of extra millimetres on each side!
  • Drill
  • 6″ or 8″ lollipop stick
  • Thin ribbons of your choice, cut so they will drape down the length of the stick, over the side of the cake and as far down as you want them. If you’re unsure keep them long, you can always cut them afterwards.
  • Tape
  • Double-sided tape or strong glue

Step 1.

First you will need to drill a hole in your wooden heart large enough that the lollipop stick will sit in it snuggly.


Step 2.

Attach the ribbons to your lollipop stick by sticking them to tape and then winding that tape around the stick. I actually stuck it a little lower than this picture suggests to ensure the heart would fit on to the lollipop stick.


Step 3.

Repeat with the remaining ribbons.

Step 4.

To neaten up the top of the ribbons you need to cover the rough edges. I stuck double-sided tape around them…


… and then added more ribbons wrapping them horizontally around the top. You could use a hot glue gun for this part too and if you’d like to make this step even easier just go for one single, thick piece of ribbon.


Step 5.

Then all you have to do is pop the heart on top! If it’s a snug fit you won’t even need to glue it :)


Cake time

Because the ribbons can drape down the length of your wedding cake it means the topper will look just lovely on a simple iced number, making it much easier to DIY the dessert for your big day!


A big thanks to Anna for the last few shots.

And thanks for checking out this DIY tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it :)


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