Dessert + design

A love of design so strong that you must incorporate it into your wedding? Then you are going to love the sweet idea I have to serve up to you today.

The result of a perfect marriage between dessert and design = Pantone tarts!


Awesome images: Griottes via Plenty of Colour

So tasty looking and so completely cool. Several shades of one colour could look amazing too; you don’t have to go for the rainbow effect :)


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6 Responses to “Dessert + design”

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  3. Tor says:

    I’m not getting married any time soon, but these are pretty inspiring – I have thoughts to use the actual cards doily-style for things like fairy cakes. :)

  4. clare says:

    Oh god Debs you bring such loveliness to my life! Thanks for sharing this and the brilliant ‘Plenty of Colour’ – I love that blog. I’m going to blog about this soon it’s right up my street.

    Hope Canada is treating you well. We are currently working with our first Canadian Bride and she is the loveliest, friendliest, happiest, sweetest person. A real pleasure – are all Canadian’s like this? She’s fab!

    Lot’s of love to you x

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