Rozlyn & Kris : a cosy pub reception

The best thing about blogging is, easily, the people you meet. I think I may do a blog post about that sometime actually. Recently, through our mutual friend Alex Beadon, I got to meet Dallas Curow, an amazing photographer based in Montreal. Whilst searching through her blog I came across a beautiful, cosy, relaxed wedding that I would have loved to be a guest at!

Not only did Dallas photograph the wedding but she was also the make-up artist (multi-talented!) and bridesmaid! What Dallas has to say about Rozlyn & Kris was especially lovely and I wanted to share it with you…

For many couples, marriage is an occasion of significant change. You leave a family home, your roommates, or bachelor(ette) pad to live with your marriage partner. You fill out all the paperwork. Maybe you even change your name. You’re choosing to embark on a whole new life.

Sometimes, however, you’re choosing for things to remain exactly the same, forever.

In the 10 years Rozlyn and Kris have been in love, they’ve grown up, made decisions as a team, adopted dogs and bought a home together. There has never been any doubt that this life, lived together, is the one for them. In choosing to get married, Roz and Kris celebrate the love they’ve shared so far, and announce their intention for things to remain exactly the same.


I love that the bride wore green. I love the vintage books on the tables. I love the warm, inviting atmosphere of the pub and I love that I’ve discovered another talented photographer :)


Photographer Details:
Dallas Curow website
Dallas Curow blog
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3 Responses to “Rozlyn & Kris : a cosy pub reception”

  1. Dallas says:

    Debs, you’re wonderful. Thank you :)

  2. ed ryan says:

    Great theme, wonderfully shot!

  3. […] share with with you more wonderful work by Dallas. If you didn’t see the beautiful wedding of Rozlyn and Chris that Dallas shot you must check it out, it’s so cosy! And cosy is definitely what I’m […]

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