Sweet Table Contest 2011

It’s back! Last night the all new Sweet Table Contest website went live which means one thing… time to get creating deliciously designed desserts and enter the competition! If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may have seen that I managed to win this competition last year with a Snow White themed table. Back then it was just a European contest… but now it’s worldwide and back then I entered… but now I’m a judge!


I’m so excited to be a part of this competition and really hope you will all help me spread the word. Let’s show the world that us Brits can do dessert design ;)

Here’s what you need to know…

  • The competition starts now and ends on Friday the 9th of December.
  • If you’re British you can send your images to me but if you’re from any other country you can find your national judge in the jury board.
  • Sweet table submission emails should be sent with the following subject: “STC submission” and include one high resolution picture of the tablescape, your name, and a URL to more images (Facebook link, blog, Flickr album, etc).
  • The contest is open to everyone except professional party designers/planners and any caterer or person involved in the sweet table/dessert table business.
  • Judges will be voting based on the following criteria:
    Colour harmony
    Presentation & harmony of the table
    Accordance with the chosen theme
    Overall look & feel.
  • Find out more about the competition by checking out the Sweet Table website, becoming a fan on Facebook or following it on Twitter.

Sweet table tips

Here are some tips I put together last year that will hopefully help you in designing a winning sweet table!

Think up a theme

This could be as simple as a colour scheme or more elaborate such as a British-based table with Beefeater biscuits! Having a clear and consistent idea to tie the elements of your table together will result in a much more professional-looking table.

Sweet Table Contest 2011

Awesome image credit: Kate Landers Events via Hostess with the Mostess

Decide on desserts

What sweet treats do you want on your table? Cupcakes, macarons, cake-pops, cookies… Don’t be afraid to attempt something you haven’t baked before. The internet is packed with recipes for you to try out (beautiful Bakerella for example). Also don’t worry about making loads of different desserts. Making a big batch and splitting it in two along with buying ready-made sweets in a complementary colour can help fill out your table without having you run yourself ragged in the kitchen!

Sweet Table Contest 2011

Awesome image credit: Amy Atlas

Design the display

You’ll need something to display all your tasty treats on/in. Search car boots and flea markets for pretty containers and cake stands or pick up cheap jars and bowls from shops such as IKEA. If you can’t find pieces in the right colour you could always spray them the right colour. Just make sure you put a doilie (or similar) between the food and the spray paint. Toxic treats aren’t great!

Sweet Table Contest 2011

Awesome image credit: My Sweet & Saucy via Ruffled

Describe your desserts

Labels can add a nice touch to a design. Pick fonts that fit your theme: blocky sans serif text for a modern design and swirly script for a fancier feast. Attach with ribbons or twine or make mini flags to pop in the relevant treat.

Sweet Table Contest 2011

Awesome image credit: Jenny Cookies via Kara’s Party Ideas

Beautify the backdrop

If you’ve designed a delightful dessert table but then set it up in front of your lounge window, with a display of your car in the drive, it will definitely distract from your efforts! Pick a wall and tack wallpaper in complementary colours to it. Rather than buy said wallpaper, go into a store that offers samples and just take a big enough piece! Alternatively hanging ribbons in the background, in shades that suit your design, is a really pretty idea or perhaps paper pinwheels are for you…

Sweet Table Contest 2011

Awesome image credit: Kalice Events via Mint & Chip

Photograph your feast

Again, when you’ve put in a lot of hard work, make sure you show it! You don’t need a professional camera (although if you have one or know someone that does – use it!) but make sure photos are clear and in focus. And as well as photos of your overall table it may be a good idea to take some close up shots too, to show the individual items in greater detail.

Sweet Table Contest 2011

Awesome image credit: Celebrations At Home

Enjoy it!

Once your tasty table is complete, don’t let it go to waste. Perhaps there’s an event coming up that would benefit from your sweet table such as a wedding, a birthday, a christening or why not plan one for Halloween? You could also pre-plan a party for your friends to help you eat your table! I think a particularly nice idea would be to involve fundraising for a chairty of your choice. You could ask for donations from invited friends in return for all the sweet treats on your table.

So spread the word, start planning your table and good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with!


If you would like to sponsor the UK leg of this competition please email me.

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  5. Espectacuares diseños e ideas para la mesa de postres!

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