Wedding inspiration : Tin can treasures

I met a lovely lady and talented artist last week who recently got engaged. When she marries she will have been with her fiancé for ten years and because of this thought it would be rather nice to incorporate the tradition of different anniversaries relating to different gifts. Well, ten years means tin and so for Andrea and all other brides that the number ten is also significant to, or just for those looking for simple but beautiful DIY ideas this one’s for you…


Image credits & ideas:

  1. These tin cans containing strawberry plants are a fantastic favour idea thought up by Melanie of You Are My Fave. Find out how to make them for your guests on Ruffled.
  2. You’d need some tin snippers or similar tool for this idea shared on Cherishing Spaces but it would be so worth the effort. If you could get a whole wall covered in tin can flower holders it would make an incredible alternative altar!
  3. This invitation is a fantastic idea! Designed by Chris Trivizas and shared on Lovely Package. not only does the inivtation come in its cool tin package but string is also included to attach the tin to the happy couple’s car!
  4. Vintage tins such as this one captured by Max Wanger make the simplest centrepieces and they look so pretty too.
  5. Painted tins are another incredibly easy DIY idea. These ones from Craftberry Bush have a cute doily and peg attached; perhaps an idea for clipping the table number to the tin?
  6. Just add lace for these lovely flower holders captured by Lizelle Lotter at Gielie & Ilana’s wedding. So simple!
  7. When night falls it’s all about the pretty lighting. With a hammer, nail and tin can you too can produce these lovely lanterns. Find out how over at Design Sponge.
  8. Hanging flower holders?! Yes please! I love this idea captured by Sarah Yates.
  9. And of course the classic, captured by Katie Disimone. If you’re looking to incorporate tin cans into your wedding, whatever you do surely this one is a must?!
  10. Debs

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3 Responses to “Wedding inspiration : Tin can treasures”

  1. Josie says:

    Fast replacing the place in my heart jam jars have til now filled.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hanging flower holders and punch tin- love it! I’m so glad we met, I love your taste! You make wedding planning fun!

  3. lovely ideas, tin cans can look so good, and there are some fab examples here xxxx

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