Sasha & Laura : Smog Shoppe, California : Part 2

I’m back! With the second instalment of Sasha & Laura’s amazing day (first part here)! Wedding Designer Jesi Haack did an absolutely fantastic job with this wedding. Sasha & Laura wanted to reflect both of their cultures in their wedding day and so Russian dolls and fortune cookies were a brilliant choice with the colour pink tying them together! I’ve loved Russian dolls, or matryoshka dolls, since I was a child, the tinier the smallest doll the better! I love seeing them in a wedding, they’re so pretty and colourful. And for those of you taken with the fortune cookie idea then here’s a tutorial to make your own!


I am also in awe of the parasols adorning the ceiling, it makes an otherwise dull space into a feature worthy of photographing! The wool wrapped hearts are another super-sweet touch. You could make these simply by cutting a heart shaped piece of MDF or even corrugated cardboard and wrapping a ball of wool around it until the whole thing is covered. Then just add painted wooden initials that you will be able to source from craft shops. Adorable!

And then there’s the sweet table created by My Sweet & Saucy! And wow is that a perfect blend of dessert and design! The feather boa background in a gradient of shades, the glittered letters, the cartoon couple on the cake, the iced bow with the gold centre, the silver and pink macaroons… can you see why I love weddings?! :)



Awesome images courtesy of Mark Brooke Photography

Thank you so much to Candice & Mark for letting me share these beautiful images of a beautiful day. And congrats to Sasha & Laura; all the very best for married life :)


The Details:
Photography: Mark Brooke Photography
Venue: Smog Shoppe
Wedding Designer: Jesi Haack
Sweet table creator: My Sweet & Saucy
DIY tutorial: Paper fortune cookie

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  1. What beautiful photos!

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