Doughnut tasting? Yes please!

If you’re bored of traditional cakes and cupcakes and even macaron towers have lost their appeal, then maybe a doughnut bar is just what you’ve been looking for! Conveniently I have a beautiful one, captured by Tinywater Photography, to share with you. This particular delightful doughnut bar comes with a range of flavours and a range of coffees to go with…


The idea behind it is you taste all the doughnuts and try all the coffee flavours and mark them on the scorecards provided. The scorecards wouldn’t work particular well at a wedding but they’d be perfect for a hen do or baby shower; could there be a more perfect afternoon than getting all the girls round and eating and drinking delicious treats?!


Awesome images by Tinywater Photography, awesome flowers by Botanic Floral Designs, awesome styling & paper by Alice Koswara & awesome doughnuts by Dynamo Donut

For a wedding just up the amount of doughnuts and sauces for dipping and provide paper bags with your wedding details on for the guests to take a delicious doughnut home!

And that’s not all! I have another treat for the eyes, courtesy of Tinywater Photography, over on Belle Bebes. So get yourselves over there and check out a beautiful button dessert bar!


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5 Responses to “Doughnut tasting? Yes please!”

  1. Great idea! I’m not a ‘huge’ fan of donuts but these look bloody amazing. I do think you should have posted this later in the day when I’m not so hungry though. Irresponsible!

  2. Josie says:

    Like the whole dessert bar thing far more than traditional wedding cakes. And I adore doughnuts so this works for me!

  3. Peridot says:

    Chocolate rose flavour doughnut? WHERE do I get one? Yum!

  4. Haha, think we keep checking out the same website, i was drooling over this the other day x

  5. Debs - Belle Amour says:

    Ha! Sorry Albert :) They are stupidly tasty looking! Sadly I have no idea where you can come across doughnuts in such amazing flavours – perhaps it’s time to get baking :D

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