Charming cherries

I must have a thing for Figueroa Farmhouse in California as I fell in a love with Liz & Chris’s wedding held there. That one had fancy floral arrangements and shimmering chandeliers. This one is a sweet and simple, easy-to-emulate, rustic affair with a variety of white blooms in jars, brown paper table runners, strings of bulbs and tons of totally charming cherries…


Awesome images courtesy of Jose Villa

I wouldn’t ever have considered brown paper and white pencil for wedding day decoration until I saw these images. I love the idea of drawing around fancy plates for place settings and writing the name inside. A budget option that doesn’t fail to look beautiful.


Photographer details:
Jose Villa’s Website
Jose Villa’s Blog
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5 Responses to “Charming cherries”

  1. Chloe says:

    Blown AWAY by these photos and I’m thinking… is this a… yep, definitely… it’s Jose Villa. Beautiful, beautiful details, beautifully shot.

  2. Yup he’s good that Jose! He does have the advantage of an amazing wedding in an amazing location but nonetheless he’s still bloomin’ brilliant behind a camera!

  3. Nicky says:

    The chalk outline on the brown paper for a place card / place setting really caught my eye. Great idea. Although it would only work as a budget option if all the other details were just as well done! Great wedding.

  4. Ha! That is so true. I can see how this could be done really badly :D

  5. […] little warmer it would have to be the Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse. You can see how beautiful it is here and here and […]

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