Beautiful book review : Decorate with Flowers

I recently received the stunning book Decorate with Flowers, published by Jacqui Small, to review…

“A gorgeous book for lovers of decorating, interiors, floral arranging, entertaining and handmade projects – Decorate With Flowers will encourage you to look at floral design through the eyes of interior stylists with a more casual, creative and fresh approach.”

“This unique collaboration between international bestselling interiors author and stylist Holly Becker of the award-winning design blog, decor8, and Leslie Shewring, product designer, photographer and stylist, offers advice on selecting, combining and arranging flowers to best complement your decor.”

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

Wedding day ideas

This book is primarily for inspiration to decorate your home, but if there’s one thing you’re bound to find at a wedding, it’s flowers!

From beautiful table centre displays, to chair backs that are so much prettier than seat covers, floral chandeliers and even inspiration that would work for that alternative altar, this book is sure to make you excited about the floral aspect of your wedding.

And aside from the wedding it really will give you plenty of ideas to add that finishing touch to your home decor in the prettiest way.

Delightful design

The book is delightful to digest too; the ideas are separated into 8 themes all styled and photographed wonderfully. There are cute handwritten fonts alongside gorgeous scrapbook-inspired layouts, and easy to understand step-by-step projects. Even the endpapers look lovely!

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

A DIY gold vase

Inspired by the book, and with items I had to hand, I even had a go at spraying a wine bottle gold and loved the results!

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

Decorate with Flowers Book Review

If you’re looking for floral inspiration for your home or big day, whether it be hand-picked blooms or a bunch from the local supermarket, this book will definitely leave you inspired. I love it!

Get a copy

To order Decorate with Flowers at the discounted price of £16.00 including p&p* (RRP: £20.00), telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG109.


This is not a sponsored post however I did receive a book for review
*UK ONLY – Please add £2.50 if ordering from overseas.

Guest post: wedding trends & inspiration

Today, I have a fantastic guest post from Lianne of Adore Weddings to share with you. Thanks Lianne!

This year’s wedding theme trends are very exciting and they allow for lots of creative ideas & DIY projects. Planning a wedding is a bit like setting a stage; a stage that is used only once, so dressing that stage is a major task for any bride & groom to carry out as it may be the most important performance of your lives.

Choosing the right theme is one of the most important things to do before anything, every detail depends on your chosen theme; the invitations, flowers, décor and even the dress.

Here we share the most stylish wedding themes to help you decide how you want your dream day to be remembered, how you yourselves want to remember it and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Geometric Theme

The geometric style is making a massive statement in the wedding world; geometric patterns are all about shapes, straight lines, curves, circles and uniquely odd shapes with a point.

Geometric Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images: Amanda Megan Miller

This theme gives you lots of opportunities to create your own DIY décor detailing, because hanging garlands are so popular at the moment. Why not take some fairy lights? Use this template to cut out geometric shapes in any colour you wish and hang them from the ceilings of the venue for a fiendishly fabulous effect.

Geometric Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images: Hello Hydrangea

Using the same template you could make your own wedding favours, adding sweets or anything else you may like in the middle. Your guests will be thrilled with such a unique and modern gift.

Geometric Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images: Ruffled

For dramatic effect you could hire the most amazing geometric backdrops and shelving to really jazz up the geometric style. There is no rule about having a traditional dress with this theme either, the more futuristic and adventurous the better!

Geometric Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right): Papered Heart, Jihan Cerda Photography & Papered Heart

The Great Gatsby Inspired Styles

First of all if you haven’t seen the Oscar winning movie ‘The Great Gatsby ‘then you are seriously missing out, the glorious 1920’s costumes and art deco sets make for the best wedding inspirations.

A great Gatsby style wedding dress should be a glamorous and elegant gown, the most amazing headpieces and jewellery ideas come from 1920’s styling.

Great Gatbsy Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right): Flora & Fauna, Lauren Scotti & EFC Photography

Adding iconic details from this era will make for a very classy affair, the table settings should be like something out of an old black and white movie. Keep that in mind when thinking about your place settings and centrepieces, it might be fun to create your own place settings using gold as your main colour. Spray paint is a wonderful tool if you know how to use it.

You can even add aspects of glamour with Gatsby styled cocktails for your guests!

Great Gatbsy Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images: Lauren Scotti via 100 Layer Cake

Whimsical Woodland Weddings

Nature is a major player in the wedding theme stakes, marrying in the great outdoors surrounded by trees and sounds of the nature is what it’s all about this summer. Incorporating wildlife into your wedding is the most fun task, especially when you are taking the time do it yourself.

Real wood is easy to come by so why not used chopped wood, rustic wood chippings and birch bark to create your centrepieces. Create an amazing wood effect, covered in the most beautiful wild flowers. You can find lots of these wooden and flowery materials on Etsy.

Woodland Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images (from left to right): Laura Goldenberger Photography & Anthony Barlich Photography

I am really excited to tell you about the really fun animal mask craze that is becoming really popular at the moment; photographers are going all out with animal masks being worn by all members of the wedding party for a really quirky effect.

Giving favours is like giving a little gift of love, so put some effort into it! When it comes to nature, what better gift to give than seeds? But not any old seeds, you can make colourful seedy ‘bath bombs’; here is how to make them yourself.

Woodland Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right): Maxine’s Catering, Rachael Kelly & Intimate Weddings

Magnificent Metallic

When you think metallic you might think dull greys and general metallic colours, but oh no; this is certainly not the case. Metallic is anything from gracious gold to seductive silver. Anything glittery goes with almost every wedding, just take a look at our mood board for some inspiration.

Adding metallic details to your big day can vary from a pair of statement bridal shoes to table clothes and stationery for the tables. There are lots of different ways to incorporate metallic in to your day, like I said before; when it comes to doing it yourself gold, silver or glittery sprays shall be your best friend.
Table numbers or frames can be painted or made glittery for a glamorous effect, use bottles, jars and any other vase type’s and use glass to put flower arrangements in.

Metallic Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right): Jessmy, The Abigail Bloom Cake Company, Thatch & Thistle Co. & Brookelyn Photography

If you want your wedding photos to really stand out then have your bridesmaids in the most dazzling metallic you can find for a sophisticated appearance.

Metallic Wedding Inspiration

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right): Hatch Creative Studio, A Picture Life, Ruffled Blooms & The Chriselle Factor

No matter what wedding theme you choose just remember it is your day, nothing is ever too much with these creative themes. You do not necessarily have to be the most creative person to do it all yourself, all you need is the time and vision when planning the wedding of your dreams.


Lianne is a freelance writer, creating web content for websites specialising in the wedding industry, when it comes to weddings there isn’t anything she doesn’t love to write about. She enjoys researching beautiful and creative ideas to inspire any bride to be and also has her own wedding blog. Follow her on Twitter

Unique wedding gift: Love in small tins

Looking for an awesomely unusual wedding gift?

Check out Boxartig!

I love model railway figures, and so these delightful little tins would definitely be on my wedding gift wish lift!

Boxartig Love in Small Tins

Boxartig doesn’t just create wedding-related tins, so be sure to head out what else there is!


Wedding ideas : marshmallow ideas (that aren’t s’mores!)

Fluffy and squishy and sweet and delicious.

I’m taking about marshmallows, but the soppy romantics amongst you could easily get all confused and think I’m taking about love!

And because of that marshmallows could just be the perfect complement to your big day…

Marshmallow wedding ideas

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right):

Fluffy photos

And for those of you that love marshmallows but aren’t swept up in that ‘romantic nonsense’, here’s a really cool way to incorporate them into your wedding day: mallows printed with your own instagram photos!

Marshmallow wedding ideas from Boomf

From Boomf these would make such awesome favours!


Inspiration board : a watercolour wedding

It’s been far too long since I brought you an inspiration board, so I am rectifying that right here and now!

The artist in me can’t help but adore all the watercolour wedding inspiration I’ve seen dotted around the internet lately.

And so, I was inspired to bring some images together for you in a board I hope you’ll find as beautiful as I do…

Watercolour wedding inspiration board

Awesome images (from top to bottom & left to right):

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