Stunning flower girl dresses by Doloris Petunia

Sadly, I’m not having any adorable flower girls at my wedding, but if I did I would love to dress them in these absolutely gorgeous gowns from Doloris Petunia

Doloris Petunia Flower Girl Dresses

So pretty!


Doloris Petunia

My wedding : the engagement ring

Although my fella proposed with a stone, he did also present me with a really sweet ‘stand-in’ ring (although to be honest I didn’t take much notice of it at first as I was completely engrossed in the stone and what it symbolised!)

The stand-in engagement ring has a little bee on it, which happens to be what my name symbolises. The idea was that I could pick a ring myself after the proposal.

Treasure hunt

Well, I’ve been searching since the proposal but haven’t found one yet which is a little unfortunate as I’m going dress shopping tomorrow and I’m a little nervous they’re going to think I’m a single, slightly-unhinged, lady that just wants to try on dresses!

When on holiday in Florence, Italy this summer we strolled along the Ponte Vecchio (a bridge lined with jewellery shops) and I pointed out emerald cut, pale aquamarine rings that looked like cut glass. I’d never had an idea of the type of engagement ring I’d like myself until that day, but I haven’t found anything similar since.

So, the search continues. But here’s a few, rather unique, finds from Etsy (where I’ve mostly been looking)…

And although these are wedding bands, rather than an engagement ring, how cute is this his ‘n’ hers set?!


MY(!) Proposal Story

Finding “the one” for me wasn’t as straight forward as it seemed to be for many of my friends. In fact, most of them were already married with children whilst I was still entertaining them with my ridiculous boy stories!

I had three significant others in my twenties that were terribly wrong for me, and a couple that were just plain terrible! At the end of my twenties I escaped to Canada in the hope that I’d find a man who would grant me everlasting love and a visa. I began internet dating whilst over there, adding to my wealth of ridiculous encounters with odd men and gathering more fun stories to entertain my friends with.

But it turns out “the one” wasn’t overseas. So when the chance to get a visa (off my own back, no man involved) fell through, I returned from Canada and came to terms with the fact that it doesn’t work out for everyone and that I would be happy with good friends & family and looking into adoption at a later date.

The meeting

And then Facebook stepped in. Or more so, my ridiculous procrastination did. As I was looking through random photos of people I hadn’t seen in years (because clearly there wasn’t something better I should have been doing), an old familiar face popped up: a lovely boy (called Anthony) that I’d been friends with 13 years ago. Except I didn’t see a boy anymore; I saw a rather attractive man!

My Proposal Story

There was a girl on his profile picture however, so I didn’t think much more of it and just sent him a friendly ‘Hello, remember me?’ type email and we decided we should meet up for a drink.

Life stuff happened, the girl disappeared from his profile picture, and 6 months after that first email and 13 years since we’d last seen each other we met for that drink.

After a lengthy wait to meet again it took me all of about 10 minutes to fall for him. Luckily he felt the same and I was living at his within a month, renting a flat together within 7 months and 16 months after we reunited, he proposed!

The proposal

Now, you may have some preconception of the type of proposal a wedding blogger may be after. My friends certainly did! Apparently a couple of them discussed it on the way to visit me once, saying how I’d be difficult to propose to as I’d want something grand and ridiculous. I set them straight, telling them how I just wanted something thoughtful and then went on to tell them what my perfect proposal would be. I never told Anthony.

About 3 months later me and Anthony had planned a trip to Grasmere in the Lake District. Every year I walk up the hill where we scattered my dad’s ashes and place a stone painted with a message of love to mark the anniversary. They’re hidden away so nobody can find them without knowing exactly where they are. Sadly Anthony couldn’t find them either when he sneaked off to the hill earlier that day! He’d been looking for them because he wanted to plant this there…

My Proposal Story

Luckily he managed to sneak it on top of the stones I’ve painted for my dad just before I got there… and I cried when I saw it.

I can’t remember much of what he said, but he did note how he thought it was the perfect place to propose as he couldn’t ask my dad for my hand in marriage and it was a way of including my dad in the wedding.

It was perfect. It was the exact location I’d told my friends about months earlier.

After I eventually said yes (I think I discussed my surprise at his stone painting skills first!) he had a mini rant about how he’d been up that hill for hours earlier in the day, in ferns up to his ears and his hands searching under every rock in an attempt to find the painted stones. The effort he went to was lovely (and a massive surprise to be honest, as he’s not romantic at all normally!) The fact he picked the perfect place makes me even more certain he’s the right man for me.

My Proposal Story

So, after 4 years and 4 months of writing about beautiful dresses and delicious cakes and DIY decor… the time has finally come for me to decide what on earth I want my wedding to look like!

It isn’t going to be easy, but I know I’m going to love it! :D


Lost Forest: Bold & beautiful wedding jewellery

If you’re not one for wearing dainty jewellery and prefer bulkier bangles and bold statement pieces, then it can be hard to find something to wear on the wedding day. A lot of wedding jewellery is small and delicate, adorned with pearls or sparkly crystals.

Well, remember you can wear what the hell you like on your wedding day, so any jewellery goes! And I’m certain the jewellery from Lost Forest would look bloomin’ beautiful on your big day! It’s bold and beautiful, cast from resin, and features natural gems such as feathers, leaves and tiny flowers.

Lost Forest would be the perfect choice for a woodland/outdoors wedding or simply for any bride that wears bulkier pieces and doesn’t want to ditch them on the big day!

Lost Forest: Bold & beautiful wedding jewellery
Lost Forest: Bold & beautiful wedding jewellery

I personally love the bottom two in the last image as not only are they beautiful, they tick off the ‘something blue’ too!


P.S. Thanks to Taylor Roades for sharing Lost Forest with me :)

Lost Forest website

Lost Forest shop
Lost Forest blog
Contact Lost Forest

Wedding food : pizza inspiration

I’m writing this post one week after my first visit to Italy. I absolutely loved exploring the country, and I especially adored the food. Authentic Italian wood-fired pizza is so much better than the rubbish my local takeaway pizza places serve up!

And it got me dreaming of having proper wood-fired pizza at my one-day-in-the-future wedding. It’s a totally doable dream too!

Pizza catering

There are plenty of companies dotted around the UK that serve up lovely pizzas such as the Northern company Honest Crust

Honest Crust Pizza

…or the Southern company Firebox Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza

I imagine a quick Google search would be all that’s needed to find a pizza catering company local to you.

Hire a pizza oven

You can even hire an oven from certain companies, something I only discovered when writing this post! I really like the idea of hiring an oven and making the pizzas yourself.

It’d keep costs down and having a pizza making station at your wedding would be a nice feature, as well as one that I’m sure guests would love.

Pizza wedding station

Awesome images: Cooking Channel TV

Serving it up

As for serving the pizza, I love the idea of customising your own pizza boxes with your names and dates. You can buy blank pizza boxes from a company such as Rye Pack.

And then perhaps take inspiration from this couple, who laid out blankets for their guests to enjoy their delicious pizzas seated on the grass…

Pizza wedding inspiration

Awesome image: Anne-Claire Brun via One Fab Day

Relaxed, fuss free and delicious. Perfect :)

♥ Debs

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