My very own wedding : the bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dress shopping was something I left until the last minute as there was a good chance two of my three bridesmaids could well be pregnant by the time we wed. And it’s lucky I did wait as, sure enough, they were! So when it finally came to bridesmaid dress shopping I had two criteria: dresses that would suit all my maids (bump or no bump), and the colour mustard.

Mustard is my favourite colour, I teamed it with teal and mint when designing all the details for our wedding, but when it came to bridesmaid dress shopping could I find a mustard dress? Nope! Me and my bridesmaid Becky trawled the entire Trafford Centre and couldn’t find anything. Perhaps it’s more of an autumn colour and we were looking in summer. Regardless, even if we had found a lovely mustard dress it’s doubtful it would have worked over pregnant bellies.

The Infinity Dress

The only solution I could think of was to go down the infinity dress route. I’m sure you’ll have seen these dresses, they’re the ones that have a skirt attached to two really long straps that you can tie a number of ways…

Infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Rumour has it that Donna Karan came up with the first infinity wrap dress, but with few people able to shell out hundreds of pounds, lots of people started making their own versions. And now there are numerous companies marketing these dresses to bridesmaids, due to it being an ideal way for every girl to wear the same dress but in a way that suits them and their body shape.

So now I knew the kind of dress to go for it was just a case of finding the right colour. I got on Etsy and after ordering some samples Mimetik was who I decided to order from.


Mimetik is owned by Mireia Solsona and is based in Barcelona (a plus for shipping times). She’s made well over a thousand sales on Etsy and has so many positive reviews which is always something I look for in an Etsy seller. Plus, all the dresses she’s made look gorgeous…

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

It’s always risky buying clothing from the internet but luckily it was a gamble that paid off. I ordered three dresses and tube tops to go underneath the dresses and they all looked amazing on my bridesmaids! They all wore them in a similar way with the only exception being the straps: Stacey wore hers as sleeves, Becky wore them as wide straps, and Verity twisted them to make them thinner. Here’s a look at just how lovely they were…

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

Mimetik infinity bridesmaid and wedding dresses

All awesome wedding images are courtesy of Taylor Roades Photography

I would definitely recommend infinity dresses, and Mimetik especially, to anybody looking for bridesmaid dresses to suit all their girls. There are loads of colours to choose from and they’re super flattering. I’ll have to tell you more about my dress at a later date :)


Vendor Details:

Awesome bridsmaids dresses from Mimetik

My very own wedding : the venue & the stationery

After years of writing this wedding blog, and just over a month ago, on the 12th September, I finally got to be the bride. And it was amazing!

The plan was to blog about all the different details of the day and the planning process in the run up but, to be honest, I was so busy I just didn’t have time! And so I’m blogging it all now, in several posts over the next few weeks/months, starting with the venue & the wedding stationery…

A camping wedding

We decided early on that we wanted our wedding to be set over a weekend, with the option of camping for our guests. I say ‘we’ but I’d actually decided years ago that a camping weekend wedding was for me and just had to convince Ant that’s what we should do… luckily he was all for it!

So the weekend we got engaged I got on Google and started the search for a wedding venue that allowed camping. I found several venues that could work but some of them were just so insanely expensive and were written off immediately. And then I came across a venue that I hadn’t seen in all my years of blogging and reading wedding blogs.

Less than two weeks after getting engaged we drove to Wales, viewed just that one venue and knew that there wouldn’t be any point in wasting time looking at others. By the next day it was booked for the 10th-14th September, a date of 12th September 2015 was decided on for our ceremony, and I could crack on with the rest of the planning!

Llyn Gwynant Barns

The Llyn Gwynant Barns are set in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales, aside a lake and against a backdrop of mountains. The scenery is stunning, and hiring the barns also comes with the use of two private camping fields for wedding guests. Now we just had to convince our guests to camp over!

We decided to hire bell tents from The Tipi Hire Company as most guests didn’t own tents and we wanted to make their camping experience as pleasant as possible. The other way I wanted to persuade them was with the wedding stationery…

The invites

My main aim for the stationery was to get guests excited about the weekend, along with (of course) giving them all the info they needed to know. I designed them with camping in mind and some guests said they reminded them of Scouts & Girl Guides which I liked! I really wanted them to feature an embroidered patch and found an awesome UK company called e-patches that could make them for me. I got to work designing and ended up with this…

The heart, mountain and trees are there for obvious reasons, the bee and ant are due to my name Debbie meaning ‘bee’ and Ant… well he’s an ‘ant’! I thought it was a cute idea, especially as the insects fitted in with the natural setting and I kind of liked the idea of a logo for the wedding so that’s what the patch eventually ended up being, with the bee and ant details taken throughout other details too.

e-patches were amazing and helped me edit my design so that it would work as a patch. The font I’d picked couldn’t be used as it was too fine but we were still thrilled with the end patches…

Now we just had to decide what to do with them…

I decided on a felt booklet that contained two pockets to hold all the stationery elements and was stitched together with blanket stitch. The embroidered patches were ironed on the front with Bondaweb and looked really rather cute if I do say so myself!

An invite was needed to go in these felt booklets. I took certain elements from the patch/wedding logo and created a two-colour design…

This was then separated into two plates…

… and printed on my letterpress printer…

Wedding stationery

As well as the invite I also included an RSVP form for guests to fill in and a pre-printed envelope to mail it back to us. For all the information guests would need to know for the weekend, I created a ‘Wedding Weekend Pocket Handbook’ with a fold-out map of the Llyn Gwynant Barns & campsite in the back…

The result

Finally I popped the felt booklet, with all it’s stationery parts nestled inside, into a kraft envelope, added a belly band that had the floral design from the embroidered patch on it, and finished it off with natural twine and a personalised laser-etched wooden tag. Here it is…

The two awesome images above are courtesy of Taylor Roades Photography

It was a hell of a lot of work, turns out these ideas are always way easier to come up with than they are to execute! And of course I didn’t just have to make one, I had to make 50! But I was really pleased with the final outcome, and luckily our guests were too :)


Vendor Details:

Awesome embroidered patches from e-patches

Contact e-patches

Phone: 01202-237-457

Gifts for those groomsmen : SWIG hip flasks

I barely ever write about wedding ideas relating to the groom and his groomsmen, in fact I’ve only done so 5 times in the 5 years I’ve been blogging. But the awesome people at SWIG recently sent me a hip flask and it’s too sexy not to share!

SWIG hip flasks - Groomsmen Gifts

Ask anybody to name a classic gift for the groom and/or groomsmen and chances are many will say a hip flask. There are loads on the market, but they’re certainly not all the same, and SWIG definitely stands out in the crowd.

This London start-up focuses solely on making hip flasks and was set up by a fella named David Galbraith after he sold everything he owned to move across the country and pursue his vision of making the world’s best hip flask brand.

SWIG hip flasks - Groomsmen Gifts
SWIG hip flasks - Groomsmen Gifts
SWIG hip flasks - Groomsmen Gifts

The flasks come in a gift-able box and there are a range of pouches available to dress them in. You can also purchase a funnel to make getting the alcohol in there way easier, and personalise it with an engraved message for that special occasion.

They’re made from stainless steel and are one ‘solid unibody shape’ which basically means there are no chance of leakages and they look bloody good. Each flask comes with a unique serial number that permits lifetime membership to the ‘SWIG Society’ and makes the flask feel that bit more special.

SWIG hip flasks - Groomsmen Gifts

The one I received has a Harris Tweed pouch handmade on the Isle of Skye, and that’s another thing I love about these flasks: SWIG use over 15 suppliers from across the UK so you’ll be supporting British industry if you buy one of these. The only thing that isn’t from the UK is the flask itself and that’s just due to UK manufacturers not actually being able to make them.

I was a little concerned about the size of the flask when combined with a nervous groom but the website reassures me that the flask holds 170ml, roughly 4-5 shots, that creator David reasons is not enough to get drunk but is enough to soften the edges of your day.

SWIG hip flasks - Groomsmen Gifts

If you’re looking for a hip flask for a wedding gift then definitely check SWIG out. Engraving these flasks with a personal message of love/thanks to the groom, groomsmen or father of the bride makes for a thoughtful wedding present they’re sure to keep… and of course you can gift these to the female members of your party too – I’d prefer a hip flask full of gin over a bunch of flowers any day!


SWIG website

Bridal Style : Ani Burech accessories

Finding the right hair accessory for my September wedding has been challenging, mainly because I don’t have a massive budget… or a massive head! My little peahead makes some accessories just look too darn big! I originally bought some beautiful felt flowers which I will have to do a blog post on at a later date, but they just didn’t look how I imagined them to. Instead I’ve gone for a vintage piece I found on Etsy which I will be sure to share after the big day.

If the budget had been that little bit bigger however, I would have headed straight over to the Ani Burech website and spent an age deciding exactly which stunning creation I’d be making mine!

This Spanish company offers hair accessories…

Ani Burech Hair Accessories

… and bridal belts…

Ani Burech Hair Belts

…and they’re ALL bloody gorgeous!

Ani Burech website
Ani Burech Facebook


Felt flowers from House For Pixies

I discovered these lovely felt flowers from House For Pixies when the creator, Lucy, bought a Helvellyn coaster from my new venture of Alp & Ash!

Lucy makes her gorgeous felt blooms in a range of colours and offers them in bouquets or as single stems. They’d be perfect for a bridal bouquet you can keep forever or as cute table centrepieces…

Felt Flowers from House For Pixies
Felt Flowers from House For Pixies
Felt Flowers from House For Pixies
Felt Flowers from House For Pixies

Weddings aside these would make a lovely gift for a birthday or a loved one. A single red rose would be a very romantic offering, with the added bonus that it will never wilt like regular flowers sadly do!

Felt Flowers from House For Pixies

I love them :D


House For Pixies

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