Baking book review : Mich Turner’s Cake School

In what will perhaps reveal itself to be a stupid idea, I’m thinking of making my own wedding cake! The husband-to-be has requested it because I made him a carrot cake, from a recipe I found on Pinterest, for the first birthday he celebrated after we started dating. It was a pretty delicious cake, and he’d like it for the wedding, so I can’t really let him down just hours after becoming his wife!

I figure/hope, as long as I prepare myself for making the cake, and aim to get all other jobs sorted with a few days to spare then it shouldn’t be a problem – I know there may well be a mountain of unforeseen last minute nonsense that crops up to distract me from the time needed to make a cake, but I’m up for the challenge!

Besides, I’m thinking of keeping it simple. No super-fancy three tired masterpiece showing of an array of piping skills, instead it will most likely be a naked cake, or have a simple covering of buttercream. However, I would like to make something a little special to add to the cake and that’s where a book like Mich Turner’s Cake School, published by Jacqui Small, is going to come to my rescue!

Mich Turner’s Cake School

Mich Turner is the artist behind the Little Venice Cake Company, has created cakes for The Queen, Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Cheryl Cole, Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham and has even been honoured with an MBE medal; so it’s fair to say she knows how to decorate a cake!

Mich Turner Cake School Book

Here are some of her gorgeous creations…

Mich Turner Cakes

Book Contents

For a clear idea of what’s in the book here are the contents for you:

Making & Baking Cakes

  • Ingredients
  • Preparation
  • Cake-baking methods

Putting it all together

  • Fillings & frostings
  • Covering & assembly

Making & Baking Cakes

  • Hand piping
  • Hand moulding
  • Hand painting

Cake templates
Sources & suppliers

Mich definitely has all areas of making a cake covered, and with the process being broken down into chapters, it appears much less overwhelming!

Filled with photos

There are tons of fantastic photos in the book, including those essential step-by-step shots, making it easy to follow. You could use this book as a guide to learn the techniques and then design your wedding cake around your new knowledge. You could combine techniques, change colours to suit your theme, and pair up cake and icing flavours of your choice to create a totally bespoke cake for your big day.

Mich Turner Cake School Book
Mich Turner Cake School Book

If you’re thinking of making your own wedding cake, or want to hint at a family member to make it for you, then Mich Turner’s Cake School is an awesome choice. I think I’m going to spend the next few months ‘testing’ cakes just in case the carrot cake isn’t the best choice; starting with a deliciously interesting sweet potato cake!


Book: Mich Turner’s Cake School
Published by: Jacqui Small
Mich’s cake company: Little Venice Cake Company

This isn’t a sponsored post, however I did receive a free copy of the book to review

Wedding films by Gione da Silva Images

I love watching wedding videos, they’re an extra layer of documentation that offer something wedding photographs can’t: moving imagery and sound. They’re more likely to make me cry than wedding photographs and they often include the vows and the speeches, which is something you’re likely to forget over time.

I’d never choose hiring a videographer over a photographer as photographs are magical in their own right (and you can’t exactly hang your wedding video on a wall!) but if the budget allowed I’d love both a photographer and videographer to capture our wedding.

This example from Gione da Silva is a fantastic example of a wedding video, all set to a brilliant best man’s speech…

Stephanie + Martin : Wedding Highlights Film from Gione da Silva on Vimeo

For more of Gione da Silva’s work, make sure you click 

Gione da Silva Images
Contact Gione

Phone: 07809 295403

Claire Pettibone Heirloom: Flower Crowns

With only a little over seven months to go until my own wedding (eek!), I’ve been looking into accessories for the big day. The venue doesn’t really suit a veil, and I’m not sure I do either; I tried one and felt a little like I was playing dress up!

I do want to wear something in my hair though, as it’d be nice to look a little different from every other day – although I imagine the white dress alone may do that!

I think flower crowns are more my style and rather than using fresh flowers I want to go down the handcrafted route as I’m such a massive fan of handmade items.

The flower crowns made by designer Lila for Claire Pettibone’s label Heirloom are an incredible example of a handcrafted flower crown. They’re a little (well, lot) beyond my budget, but you can clearly see the amount of work and skill that has gone into them…

Claire Pettibone Heirloom Floral Crowns

I can imagine them being stored carefully away in the attic after your wedding, waiting for the grandchildren to delight over their discovery one day.


New wedding frames from ‘of Alp & Ash’

Maybe it’s because I’ve been surrounded by weddingy stuff for so long with writing this blog, but one of the first product ideas I had for my new business venture, of Alp & Ash, was personalised wedding frames. They seem to be quite a common purchase when it comes to choosing a wedding gift but I find lots of them can look a little old-fashioned. So, I thought I’d have a go at making my own.

Art Nouveau Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'

Because I don’t have the budget to have the outer frames custom made, I designed my inserts to fit in an IKEA RIBBA frame. This has also allowed me to offer DIY options for my acrylic frames for those that live near an IKEA, and fancy saving themselves some cash (don’t we all?!)

Art Nouveau

I’m a fan of vintage design and many weddings are also influenced by these classic periods. My Art Nouveau-inspired frame is a romantic choice that will complement most wedding photos, not just those that have been styled to that period in time. It can be made in both white and black acrylic and reminds me a little of stained glass. I especially love the white option with a large full frame photo…

Art Nouveau Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'
Art Nouveau Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'
Art Nouveau Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'

Art Deco

Thinking of weddings in stylish surroundings, I designed the Art Deco option. The clean lines will go well with a more urban, less handmade approach to wedding styling…

Art Deco Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'
Art Deco Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'
Art Deco Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'


And for fans of the outdoors and the rustic look, I designed this woodland-inspired frame. Inspired by the invitation suite I created for Verity & Gavin’s wedding, and the adapted version now available on Paperling, this frame insert is laser cut from oak and walnut. I think the laser-etched date on the tree is a cute touch :)

Woodland Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'
Woodland Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'
Woodland Wedding Frame from 'of Alp and Ash'

They can all be found in the wedding section of my Etsy shop; I hope you like them. I think they’d make an awesome wedding gift but you could always just buy one for a wedding photo of your own!

I also want to take this moment to say a huge thank you to Taylor Roades who kindly supplied me with the beautiful wedding photos displayed in the frames. These products would have looked a little boring blank… or just weird if I’d had to doodle a picture of a bride and groom to go inside… so THANK YOU TAYLOR! Check out her work here, she’s wonderful.

Right, I’m off to start working on the next product now :)


Awesome wedding gift idea: Truly Experiences Review

Just before Christmas I listed ten ideas that would make awesome and thoughtful choices for a wedding gift. On that list was a company called Truly Experiences, offering all sorts of ‘experience’ gifts such as dining out, getaways and sports adventures.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I particularly love these gifts because they’re for the kind of thing we’d absolutely love to experience, but that are hard to justify when there are many more practical (and boring) things to be spending our money on.

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Christmas and Weddings

What I really love about Truly Experiences is that they do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is contact them with an idea of what you’re looking for and they’ll discuss it with you to help you find the perfect present, offering bespoke shortlists if needed.

Once the experience is decided on, the lucky recipient receives their gift presented in a signature gift box tied with a ribbon. They then call Truly Experiences whose concierge team arranges all the details of the gift for them, allowing the recipient to simply turn up on the day with everything ready and waiting.

A fancy lunch in London

Luckily for me, I got to try out Truly Experiences myself just before Christmas, and my personal experience using the company was fantastic. I was treated to a fancy Michelin Star lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in London, something that was really exciting for me as I’ve never had a Michelin Star lunch before.

All the arrangements were made by the Truly Experiences team, including them checking that our dietary requirements would be met as I’m vegetarian, and my friend is dairy and gluten free. I received an email confirming the time and date and then then we simply had to turn up.

Awesome wedding gift idea - Truly Experiences review

The food

The particular gift me and my friend Tess experienced was a three course lunch with petit fours. I can’t speak highly enough of the restaurant staff, they were fantastic with our fussy requests, offering gluten free bread for my friend and helping us through the menu to make adjustments where necessary. Our waiter even explained a few unfamiliar food terms for us!

My amazing lunch consisted of a pumpkin soup, mushroom risotto and a lemon tart with basil sorbet: all of which were described much more deliciously than I’ve just recounted them – I apologise for forgetting the fancy food terms but here are a few photos I sneaked..

Awesome wedding gift idea - Truly Experiences review

The lounge

The waiter even suggested we enjoy our desserts in the rooftop lounge where we also bought a couple of coffees to finish off our meal. In total we were there for two and a half hours and it truly was, as the name of the company suggests, a wonderful experience.

We didn’t feel at all rushed and got to have a really good catch up over some incredibly tasty food in super stylish surroundings (although the red curtains did remind me of some weird scenes from Twin Peaks)…

Awesome wedding gift idea - Truly Experiences review
Awesome wedding gift idea - Truly Experiences review

I can’t recommend the whole experience gift highly enough. Let other guests get them the photo frames and the dinnerware sets; instead, gift them lifelong memories of an experience they’d probably never treat themselves to otherwise.


This is not a sponsored post, however I was treated to lunch:
Truly Experiences
Truly Experiences blog
Contact Truly Experiences

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